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Investing in the Right Tools for the Job

“It is essential to have good tools,

but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.”

- Wallace D. Wattles

Are you using the correct tools for your job?

Are you making life more difficult for yourself, your team, and even your customers?

Maybe it’s time to take a look at the tools you are using for the work you do, and how you can be more efficient.

- Maybe this is just “how it’s always be done here…”

- Maybe you don’t know if there is a better way to do things, and you’re simply too busy

drowning in the struggles of work to have the time to research it yourself.

- Maybe you know exactly what you need, but are not ready to make the investment.

No matter which of these problems you are having Stephens Consulting can come in, evaluate your business, source the correct tools, and implement new processes to make your business more successful in the long run. Just because something has always been done a particular way, doesn’t mean it was ever the correct way. Many times, business owners shy away from any additional expenses, however the time spent trying to complete the task without the correct tools can often cost more than investing in those tools.

If you are running an automotive centre, but do not have the correct vehicle lifts – you may end up not only taking longer to complete the job, but you or your team may be injured, and the vehicle damaged in the process. The cost of not having the correct equipment then becomes medical bills for yourself and your team, repairs to the damaged vehicle, and you will still have to buy the correct equipment moving forward.

A small business owner may not want to invest in Quickbooks to manage their finances, instead depending on doing the invoicing manually – instead of 15 minutes of data entry in quickbooks, they spend one hour doing it manually. If their service costs $100/hour, they have wasted $75 worth of their time, trying to save approximately $20/month for the software subscription.

Too often we are focused on the cost today – but not the long-term investment and the time it will save in the long run. If your team does work that requires them to run multiple programmes at the same time, maybe they need multiple screens to be more effective. There are also a lot of tasks that do not need to be done by you or your team – they can be automated, saving you and your team time, allowing you to focus on the tasks that must be completed by you or your team.

There are a vast number of resources available to make our lives easier, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine which are right for your business. Whether you need help determining how best to secure your data, or how to automate processes, Stephens Consulting can help you. If you need help determining where you can be more efficient, or to determine which tools may help you and your business, please contact Stephens Consulting today to schedule your consultation.

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