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Are you ready to make a change to get the results you seek? Are you prepared to take your marketing and business to the next level? If you are reading this, you are probably tired of feeling like you have to do everything yourself or your business is transitioning and you need assistance.

Stephens Consulting is the premier Marketing and Business Development firm in the Cayman Islands.

No other local firm currently offers such a comprehensive set of services to assist your business in achieving its goals. ​

“As your Marketing and Business Development Director, my firm and I will help you design, build, and manage your business through strategic planning and creative marketing. We will work side-by-side with you, get to know your business, and develop customised plans for us to execute and achieve your goals. With Stephens Consulting on board, we will become your business partner, working on your behalf to achieve your success.”

Anne-Marie Stephens


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Anne-Marie Stephens - Stephens Consulting
Stephens Consulting

Invest In The Business And Life You Yearn For!

Stephens Consulting specialises in strategic business development and creative marketing and design. We provide each client with personalised service and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We evaluate each client’s business needs and develop custom action plans to help them achieve their goals. We coach you, create a mindset for success, and educate and train you on how to run a successful business, giving you the necessary tools to scale, automate, and thrive. For our clients that have established businesses, we bring a fresh perspective; Stephens Consulting analyses their processes, procedures, tools, resources, and marketing - then we develop a custom action plan to achieve their goals. With the proper training, business tools, strategic planning, and creative marketing, our clients start their businesses on the right path, avoiding costly mistakes.


Business is tricky no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey; to win in business, you need a great plan and the tools and resources to help you succeed. At Stephens Consulting, we focus on developing a custom action plan to give you the long-term results you seek. We get to know you, your business, and your personal and business goals, and then we help you design the business and life you have been dreaming of!

Our Areas Of Expertise

Stephens Consulting is the premier Marketing and Business Development firm in the Cayman Islands. 

Our areas of expertise include:

Marketing Division

The success of your business is tied directly to the success of your marketing, and your business deserves exceptional marketing provided by industry experts. Stephens Consulting is a full-service marketing firm helping clients achieve their business goals through strategic and creative marketing. With over 15 years of experience, we can assist you with all your Marketing, Design, and Event Management needs.


As your Marketing Team, we will take on all needed tasks as outlined in our retainer contract. We can help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level - contact us today to learn more.

Stephens Consulting - Strategic Marketing Plans

In developing your annual Strategic Marketing Plan, we align your business and marketing goals. During this process, we identify your target audience to ensure we can reach the  correct people on their  preferred channels and  platforms, using language  that resonates with them.

Stephens Consulting - Advertising

We can take care of everything from creating your messaging, determining where to advertise, creating the ads, and making the media arrangements for you! Whether you need digital advertising, print advertising, a cinema ad, or a digital billboard ad, we can make it happen.

Stephens Consulting - Brand Development

With Brand Development, we help businesses create an identity. We can design custom logos, letterhead, business cards, and everything you need to promote your brand. Stop settling for downloaded designs or incomplete brands - let us help you develop a complete brand for your business.

Stephens Consulting - Graphic Design

Every business needs graphic design – whether you need a flyer, brochure, booklet, signage or more, Stephens Consulting is the marketing firm you need. Stop settling for downloaded templates - we can develop mind-blowing, creative, custom artwork to promote your business!

Stephens Consulting - Web Design

Every business needs a website - a platform they can control. Stephens Consulting can design and develop a website that is beautiful, functional, easy to use, and will help take your business to the next level!

Stephens Consulting - Social Media Management

As social media experts, we can set up and manage your social media accounts - leaving you to manage your business! Through consistent posts and strong branding, we can help increase your brand recognition, engagement, and followers while driving traffic to your website.

Stephens Consulting - Content Development

Do you need help developing content for your business? Our resident Wordsmith is here to help save the day. Whether you want to educate, entertain, or inform your audience, our professional writer can create extraordinary content for your business!

Stephens Consulting - Google Advertising

Google Ads can be confusing – so leave it to us! We can handle everything from developing to executing your campaigns using creative ads and strong branding, increasing brand recognition and engagement.

Stephens Consulting - Public Relations

Are you in need of a PR Specialist? Whether you want to inform the public about a new service, event, rebranding, or major award, we can help by communicating our message at the right time and places to your target audience.

Stephens Consulting - Event Management

Do you have an event coming up? Let us manage your event so that you can enjoy it! Whether it is a birthday party, conference, or company retreat, we can design, plan, and manage your event, taking the hassle out of it all.

Visit our Marketing page for more details on these services and to take a look at our work.

Business Development Division

Invest in the business and life you yearn for! Business coaching and consulting can be one of the best investments you can make in your business.


Stephens Consulting works with clients to determine their specific business goals, create a plan to achieve them, and then build the business they dream of. We will help you create a clear business strategy, develop your marketing plan, automate processes, find software solutions, and more with us on your team - contact us today to learn more.

Business Coaching

We work with clients to determine their specific business goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and then build the business they dream of. Stephens Consulting can coach you whether you need help focusing your attention, setting boundaries, determining your price point or more.

Stephens Consulting - Private Coaching

Are you committed to growth and professional development? Are you ready to design and build the business and life you have dreamed of? If you answered yes, you may be ready to begin your journey with Private Coaching.

Stephens Consulting - Accountability Coaching

Do you need help staying on track? If you want help to focus and maximize your productivity, it’s time to register for Accountability Coaching.

Stephens Consulting - Team Coaching

Does your team need help to develop their skills, learn to work together, and work toward your company goals? If you want your team to work together and produce exceptional work, your team can benefit from Team Coaching.

Stephens Consulting - Group Coaching

Are you looking for a group of like-minded individuals to lean on, to help each other as you strive for personal growth and professional development? If so, Group Coaching is perfect for you!

Consulting Services

To win in business today, you need a great plan and the tools and resources to help you achieve. Stephens Consulting can support you and your business in various ways and teach you about the business world.

Stephens Consulting - Strategic Planning

Does your business or service line lack focus? We will work with you to develop goals, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a custom plan to increase your business's efficiency, productivity, and revenue!

Stephens Consulting - Start-Up Support

 Stephens Consulting can assist you if you are interested in starting a new business but don’t know where to start. We will help you design and establish your business - getting you started on the right path.

Stephens Consulting - Business Automation

You cannot and should not do everything yourself – tasks should be delegated; sometimes, that means automation. Various tools can be used to automate tasks for your business, allowing you more time to do what cannot be done without you.

Stephens Consulting - Software Solutions

The right tools can help not only make life easier for you, but it can also help to take your business to the next level. Investing in the correct tools can catapult you towards achieving your goals.

Corporate Workshops & Retreats

Do you have a group of individuals not working as a team? Does your team lack focus? Does your team require special training and development? Have you considered a team-building retreat? We can host a retreat to help address the issues your team faces. We will work with you to identify these issues and create a plan to implement solutions.

Invest in your team - together, we can build the business you have been dreaming of!

Visit our Business Development page for more details on these services and to take a look at our work.

Who We Help



Whether you have an established business or are interested in starting your entrepreneurial journey, we can help you achieve your business goals. The success of your business is tied directly to the success of your marketing and business strategy, so trust the experts – Stephens Consulting.


We work with companies from various industries - art and design, coaching, engineering, finance, health and wellness, music, news and media, property development, real estate, tourism, etc. Stephens Consulting works with businesses of all sizes – from small start-ups to large firms and government agencies.


Here are some of the businesses we’ve worked with over the years:

Stephens Consulting Clients
Stephens Consulting - Social Media Templ
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