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About Stephens Consulting

Stephens Consulting is the premier Marketing and Business Development firm in the Cayman Islands.

Whether you need assistance with Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Business Coaching, Team Coaching, Business Automation or more, Stephens Consulting is the firm you have been searching for! Stephens Consulting builds strong brands and businesses - with 15+ years of experience, we can help you achieve your business goals! Initially founded in 2018 as NAYA, we specialise in strategic business development, creative marketing, and design. We provide each client with personalised service and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


We evaluate each client’s business needs and develop custom action plans to help them achieve their goals. We coach you, create a mindset for success, and educate and train you on how to run a successful business, giving you the necessary tools to scale, automate, and thrive. For our clients that have established businesses, we bring a fresh perspective; Stephens Consulting analyses their processes, procedures, tools, resources, and marketing - then we develop a custom action plan to achieve their goals. With the proper training, business tools, strategic planning, and creative marketing, our clients start their businesses on the right path, avoiding costly mistakes.


Stephens Consulting strives to ensure our clients receive the best service and continuously exceed expectations. Our team will work with you to identify your target audience, guaranteeing we can reach the correct people on the channels and platforms they prefer, using language that resonates with them. We connect all your marketing platforms through this process - your Website, Social Media, Public Relations, Digital Advertising, Print Advertising, and more. Connecting your marketing platforms creates a cohesive brand, which assists with achieving your business goals. All of this ensures that you get the best return on your investment!


Business is tricky no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey; to win in business, you need a great plan and the tools and resources to help you succeed. At Stephens Consulting, we focus on developing a custom action plan to give you the long-term results you seek. Business isn’t just about having a great idea; we help our clients achieve their business goals by connecting those goals to their daily operations and creating plans to ensure success. We get to know you, your business, and your personal and business goals, and then we help you design the business and life you have been dreaming of!


Invest in yourself and your business; contact us today to learn more – your future self will thank you!


Our Founder


Anne-Marie Stephens is the Founder and Managing Director of Stephens Consulting. She obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Arts Administration from Savannah College of Art and Design (USA) and has over 15 years of experience in Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Development, Event Management, and Fundraising. Anne-Marie is passionate about helping others, especially young people and entrepreneurs. Her goal is to live life by her design and help others to do the same – that is why she founded her marketing firm NAYA in 2018 and her business development firm Stephens Consulting in 2021. In 2023 NAYA and Stephens Consulting merged under the Stephens Consulting brand. This firm allows her to help people achieve their goals by building stronger brands and businesses.

Anne-Marie has worked on many projects in the Cayman Islands and internationally, where her marketing and business development expertise was invaluable. She uses her experience to help educate and train others so that they can achieve their goals – both in business and personally.

"I established Stephens Consulting to help business owners and managers struggling to bring their vision to life. Too many people are great at what they do, but their businesses suffer because they do not have the tools or skills needed to run the business – that is where Stephens Consulting helps our clients." – Anne-Marie.


In addition to her businesses, Anne-Marie also does significant work with local charities and organizations - donating her business services to help them achieve their goals and assist the people of the Cayman Islands.


Our Values

At Stephens Consulting, we strive to ensure that our clients always receive the best service and continuously exceed expectations. As the premier marketing and business development firm, we help our clients find opportunities to grow their businesses and expand their operations. We help connect clients with other companies and offer them opportunities to collaborate and flourish. Our mission is to help our clients bring their vision to life.


Stephens Consulting not only provides our clients with marketing and design services - we also mentor young entrepreneurs. Business isn’t just about having a great idea - we help our clients achieve their goals through strategic planning and creative marketing. 



At Stephens Consulting, our clients get the exceptional service they deserve. We take the time to get to know each client and understand their business, products, services, and goals. Once familiar with their business, we formulate custom plans to help them achieve their business goals. Stephens Consulting works with our clients to identify and fix any problems with their business strategies and work towards achieving their goals.



Stephens Consulting is all about long-term success! We are working towards the long-term success of your business – not short-term “fixes” that hinder you and your business in the long run. We work with our clients to align their goals and create custom action plans to achieve their business goals.



At Stephens Consulting, we know that we are blessed to be a blessing to others, so we work with and mentor young people to give them the training and experience they need to help build a brighter future for themselves. Stephens Consulting also donates our service to various local charities - assisting them in helping our country.


Here are some charities that we have donated to so far:

NPOs Supported By Stephens Consulting

Client Reviews

There is one word that describes Anne-Marie Stephens: “AWESOME.”

I have worked with her for the past two years. She has supported my company’s development from the inception. Our success is due to her hard work, professionalism and commitment to excellence. Her firm is a top notch marketing and promotion company with a lot of heart and soul. I recommend Anne-Marie to anyone who wants to take their company to the next level.

- Michael Myles, Inspire Cayman Training

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