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BREAKING NEWS: Stephens Consulting & NAYA Merger Announced by Anne-Marie Stephens


For me to better serve you and your business, and offer a more comprehensive array of services under one roof, Stephens Consulting has merged with our sister company NAYA! Stephens Consulting will continue to offer Business Coaching and Consultation, and in addition, we have become a full-service marketing firm offering all of NAYA's phenomenal marketing, design, and event management services! All of this is brought to you by the same owner you have trusted and worked with, and offering the exceptional service you have received over the years. To all of our customers, supporters, family, and friends - thank you for your support over the past five years; I look forward to continuing to serve you and assist you with your marketing and design needs. Please take a look at our new website for more information on how we can help take your business to the next level. Sincerely, Anne-Marie Stephens Founder & Creative Director

About Stephens Consulting

Invest In The Business And Life You Yearn For!

Stephens Consulting is the premier marketing and business development firm in the Cayman Islands.

Stephens Consulting specialises in strategic business development and creative marketing and design. We provide each client with personalised service and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We evaluate each client’s business needs and develop custom action plans to help them achieve their goals. We coach you, create a mindset for success, and educate and train you on how to run a successful business, giving you the necessary tools to scale, automate, and thrive. For our clients that have established businesses, we bring a fresh perspective; Stephens Consulting analyses their processes, procedures, tools, resources, and marketing - then we develop a custom action plan to achieve their goals. With the proper training, business tools, strategic planning, and creative marketing, our clients start their businesses on the right path, avoiding costly mistakes.

Business is tricky no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey; to win in business, you need a great plan and the tools and resources to help you succeed. At Stephens Consulting, we focus on developing a custom action plan to give you the long-term results you seek. We get to know you, your business, and your personal and business goals, and then we help you design the business and life you have been dreaming of!


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