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Is it time to upgrade your business brand?

Updated: Feb 15

Your brand is not just the name of your business; your brand expresses who you are as an organization. Your brand is everything you share with the world that tells us who you are. From this, people will decide if they believe in you enough to invest in your business and become a client. Two firms with the same product can have varying levels of success, and it starts with their brand and how the firms are promoted. A business with a basic product but exceptional marketing can often have more success than an extraordinary product with lacklustre marketing.

Here is a list of some of the items that are a part of your overall brand:

- Company Name

- Logo

- Colour Scheme

- Tag Line

- Custom Packaging

- Graphic Elements – used on business cards, flyers, websites, etc.

- Printed Items – business cards, flyers, rack cards, banners, signage, etc.

- Website or mobile app

- Social Media Content

- Sound – sound elements used in ads, for example, or background music in your advertisements.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is the process of changing an organization's corporate image and messaging to improve the business - redeveloping the old brand into a new form that can stand out from its competitors. A rebrand is not limited to changing your messaging and image - it can also include changes to your product or service line - pivoting your business to serve your clients better. The ultimate goal of a rebrand should be to refocus your existing messaging to better connect with your target audience. To do this successfully, you must first understand who your target audience is and what they need, then confirm to them that your brand is the solution.

Reasons to consider rebranding your business:

- New ownership

- Merger with another business

- Outdated visual brand

- Major changes to products/services

- Your external brand does not reflect your internal views

- What worked once is now failing

- Your brand does not resonate with your target audience


Whether your brand needs to be rebranded or just freshened up, Stephens Consulting specializes in developing brands to capture your target audience. Our complete brand kit includes logo design, colour scheme, business card design, letterhead design, email signature, and document template. If your business has additional brand needs such as custom branded forms, gift certificates, award certificates, product tags, promotional items, branded greeting cards or more, Stephens Consulting is here to help you! Let us help you develop a complete, customized brand for your business. Contact us today at 525-7410 for a free marketing consultation.


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